Brian Reffin Smith

 member of Oupeinpo since 1999,


uses and invents many different constraints, some based on computational methods. He is also interested in aspects of Zombie applied to creativity.


The red-blue stereoscopic images are meant to be seen through red-blue stereo glasses. The red and blue contents of the images are not the same. Watch with one eye, or the other. The two superimposed images must have visual and political elements in common. For the principle behind Rétroassemblage, please see the Oupeinpo book. The cellular automaton, Conway's 'Life', can be adapted to work with text etc. It corresponds to a systematic 'birth' or 'death' of a pixel, based on the number of surrounding neighbours.



Réassemblance stéréoscopique (Red-blue kick)
Reassemblance stéréoscopique ( Nazis/Gendarmes) To be viewed with red-blue glasses.
Cellular automaton applied to Oupeinpo